You can create an unforgettable unconference for your community

Live 4-week webinar course beginning on Wednesday,
March 6, 2019 7pm PST / 9pm CST
$150 for Full Registration & Archive video Access

Way back in 2007 Gray "Dancer" Miller tried the Open Space model of dynamically created peer-to-peer learning with the alternative lifestyle community in Madison, WI. Since then he's done over 100 different events in six countries with groups ranging in size from eight to over four hundred. Thousands of people have had their lives changed and their hearts inspired by working with each other to create unique experiences again and again, each facilitated by Gray.
Now it's your turn! This course will give you the background and tools you need to do an Open Space event for any organization. In addition, Gray has customized the curriculum to share with you the ways that alternative lifestyle communities have specific needs and techniques that change the way Open Space is facilitated. With over a decade of experience in things going wrong, things going right, and the special joy of things going weird, this course is a chance for you to directly pick Gray's brain and benefit from the experience so that you can create your own Open Space event.

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March 6th, 2019

Open Space Concepts - With a Twist!

2 hours

March 13th, 2019

Under the Hood: the Operations of an Open Space Event

2 hours

March 20th, 2019

Pre-Work, or How to Prepare To Be Surprised

2 hours

March 27th, 2019

Bespoken Space: Customizing OS for Your Community

2 hours

Speakers and co-presenters for this Webinar will include:

Gray "Dancer" Miller

Gray created the "GRUE" and the "Ropenspace" events as well as facilitating for other organizations.


The "Mistress of Data" has worked with Gray to create easy budgeting templates as well as being an experienced contract negotiator.


Naiia has assisted Gray with many open spaces as well as being lead facilitator for a national conference. Her expertise in planning on inclusive, healthy, and frugal menus for open spaces will be part of the series.

What People Say About Gray's Teaching:

"...as a presenter your knowledge base is impressive, the class structure for both is very well organized, and your presentation style is humorous enough to make learning fun, and serious enough to cover everything in an accomplished way. Seriously, great job."

"I also really like Graydancer as an instructor. He is approachable, funny and a great teacher. I also want to say how much I appreciate his ability to handle conversations about gender and sexual identity."

"Your experience as a seasoned presenter and educator were apparent in you manner and style."

"Although I took it to learn about organizing Open Space events, I'm able to apply a lot of what you share to improve the workshops that I facilitate. Thank you!


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This course is limited to ten registered attendees so that we can be sure to give the focused attention that you want for this kind of training. After you have paid for your spot, registration information will be emailed to you. You will also have access to webinar recordings of this session.